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High capacity anodes

The main objective is the development, preparation and characterization of low-cost powdered nanosize silicon-based anode materials and composite anodes coated for advanced high-performance and safe lithium-ion batteries. To protect lithium, graphite and silicon-alloy anodes against corrosion MARS-EV proposes to develop electronically-insulating and Li+-conducting Artificial Solid Electrolyte Interphase (ART-SEI) composite layer coating. For the metal ferrite phases, nanoscaling and coating will overcome the degradation due to volume expansion during cycling.

The use of advanced, higher-capacity and lower-cost electrode materials in lithium-ion batteries will result in more than 25% increase in the energy density and power capability of the battery, in smaller cell dimensions, and in lower cost.


  • Development of low-cost, high-capacity nanosized silicon-based and metal ferrite anode materials.
  • Development of anode protecting coating for long-cycle-life Li-ion battery.
  • Investigation of the ageing mechanisms and optimization of interfacial phenomena and cycle life of EV cells composed of high-capacity Si anodes in non-aqueous, ionic liquid- and solid-polymer-electrolyte systems.
  • Scaling-up of candidate anode materials.

Target: 1000 mA/g, 1000 cycles