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High energy cell design & production

Design, manufacturing and validation of Li-ion pouch cells. The final objective is to define an ageing-resistant product with increased performance (high energy) in combination with high safety, recyclability and eco-compatibility.


  • To optimise and scale-up electrode formulation and fabrication for improved cell performance.
  • To integrate selected best electrolyte composition (liquid or solid polymer) into the cell assembly process.
  • To develop a new generation of cellulose-based packaging for Li-ion pouch cells that would overcome the drawbacks of polymer/aluminium foils.
  • To develop sustainable Li-ion pouch cells from small (>500cm2; 1Ah) concept cell up to automotive size cells (20000cm2; >20Ah) validated with high energy density (>250Wh/kg), capacity retention ≥ 80% upon 4,000 cycles at 80% DOD.

Target: 250Wh/kg 3000 cycles at 100% DOD

Scheme of the layer assembly for the cell packaging

Coated and chromatogeny grafted paper

Pouch cells