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Modelling of cell ageing

In order to be able to build ageing resistant batteries it is relevant to understand the underlying ageing mechanisms and the possibilities to avoid this ageing behaviour by an intelligent control. Therefore ageing behaviour is investigated and modelled both for electrodes and battery cells. The electrical and thermal behaviour is modelled on cell and pack level, along with suitable state estimation techniques. Based on a pack model that is able to capture electrical, thermal and ageing behaviour a control strategy is developed which minimises the ageing of the battery pack.

The MARS-EV project has the following aims:

  • Modelling of ageing behaviour of electrodes, developing materials and microstructurally rich models which relate key battery electrode materials and microstructural properties to device lifetime as a function of duty cycle.
  • Development of a cell model including electrical, thermal and ageing characteristics for one cell type.
  • Development of methods for state of charge and state of health estimation including a possibility for prognosis of end of life.
  • Development of a battery pack model including thermal issues.
  • Development of a model based control strategy for increasing life time by addressing charging strategies, depth of discharge, design, control of the cooling, derating

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Cell modelling