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13 October, 2014 ยท MARS-EV Meeting

M12 Progress Meeting

The second technical progress meeting of MARS-EV took place in Freiburg on September 17-18, hosted by Fraunhofer ISE.

The partners presented the work carried out on the active technical workpackages, mainly on electrode materials and electrolyte development (WP4, WP5, WP6) and specification and requirement definitions (WP3), which will close activities in October with the delivery of materials, cells and production process requirements and specifications documents.

REACH assessment of the proposed MARS-EV cell materials and recycling of batteries (WP9) were addressed. Test matrix and protocols have been defined for modelling of ageing phenomena (WP8).

Promising results on coated high energy cathode materials and Silicon anodes have been presented, and the timely completion of deliverables and milestones corresponding to the first year of the project were confirmed.