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20 April, 2015 ยท MARS-EV Meeting

M18 progress and RV1 Review Meeting

The thirth semestral meeting as well as the first review (RV1) meeting of MARS-EV took place in Ulm on March 30-31, hosted by KIT- HIU (Helmotz Institute Ulm).

The first day the partners presented the work carried out on the last semester, showing last results towards completion of deliverables and the selection of first active materials for scale-up towards the realization of new cells.

On the second day, the Review Meeting reported on the progress for the full first period of the project, from month 1 to 18. Milestones on high voltage cathode active materials have been fullfilled (up to 900 Wh/kg) for newly synthesized coated LiCoPO4 and Li-rich NMC samples, as well as the intermediate target (600mAh/g for >150 cycles) for high capacity Ni-doped Silicon MWCNT anodes. Suitable electrolytes with additives, ionic liquids or solid polymers are also being developed for these electrode systems. Furthermore, baseline LCA assessment has been completed and the testing and modelling of the baseline cells is ongoing as scheduled towards results in the next year.

The consortium and PTA also had the opportunity to visit the recently inaugurated building and research facilities at HIU.