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Safe electrolytes

Development of liquid and polymeric electrolytes, containing additives able to improve the compatibility with respect to high voltage cathodes and non-flammable and non-volatile compounds (ionic liquids), showing superior performance towards the solid state electrolytes currently investigated. The objective is to obtain electrolytes capable to combine high performance and compatibility towards electrodes in conjunction with high safety. Also, the chosen electrolytes are expected to be used in combination with cathodes and anodes developed in the project.


  • Selection of commercial and/or home-made additives able to enhance the anodic stability (oxidation) of electrolytes at least up to 4.5 V (vs. Li/Li+);
  • Synthesis of high purity, anhydrous ionic liquids with conductivity of at least 10-3 S cm-1 at -20°C and thermally stable at least up to 150°C;
  • Preparation of solid polymer electrolytes with no-flammability, negligible vapour pressure up to 150°C and room temperature ionic conductivity ≥ 10-3 S cm-1;
  • Up-scale of most promising materials

Target: Thermal stability ≥ 150°C ionic conductivity > 10-3 S cm-1 (20°C) ESW ≥ 4.5 V (vs. Li/Li+)

Safe electrolytes